What Happens When Disaster Strikes?

So you just installed new carpeting in your home.  Everyone compliments you on how great it looks.  The kids love playing on it and even the dog seems to have a new respect for you as a homeowner.  Life is perfect…right.  Well, no one planned on your toilet overflowing and flooding you entire first floor now did they?  Probably not.  One of the joys of home ownership is dealing with the occasional disaster.  Every homeowner goes through this at some point.  What is important is that you know how to handle the situation.  So first of all, lets not freak out here.   The world is not ending.

Water, although essential for living, can cause havoc on a house.  Water is supposed to stay in the sink, tub, toilet…you name it.  Water does not belong in your carpet and sub flooring.  Sure, minor spills are normally not a huge problem and can usually be taken care of with a paper towel and some time.  However, when large quantities of water are dumped onto your carpet, a chain of horrible events can occur.  First of all, depending on what level of your home the “incident” occurred on can have a large impact on how big of a problem this is going to be.  Water can travel through every floor of your house, causing damage along the way.  Carpets will be the least of your concern if every floor of your house in affected.  However, today we are talking about carpets…remember?

The first step in this process is to call your insurance company.  They can guide you in the right direction when it comes to hiring a reputable water restoration company.  That company will come to your house and evaluate the damage.  In some instances, the restoration company will be able to extract the water from your carpet and dry it out using industrial fans.  This is a best case scenario.  However, often times the water can make its way to the sub flooring and cause further issues.

A major issue with water damage is the formation of mold.  When water is present in between the carpet and the sub floor, mold is likely to form.  In cases where mold is present, the existing carpet will need to be removed and the mold will need to be removed from the remaining sub floor.  This is a lengthy and expensive process.  If only a small amount of mold is present, the restoration company may be able to simply clean the affected areas and use a dehumidifier to remove any remaining moisture from the area, including the sub floor.  Obviously, any time mold is present in carpet, the underlying pad will need to be removed as well.  Drywall may also need to be removed as it likes to absorb moisture from the wet carpet and floor.  Mold can easily form on drywall as well.

Once drywall, carpet, carpet padding, and the sub floor has been restored, it is often a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned by a reputable carpet cleaning service.  Of course if your carpet had to be removed, then yes…back to the carpet store to purchase more carpet and pad.  Fortunately, many home owner insurance policies cover water damage, so they may cover the entire tab.  Wouldn’t that be nice!


How to Clean Red Wine Stains from the Carpet

Let’s be real and agree that stains are bound to be found on the carpet either intentionally or by accident. Every home and business owner is careful to protect their carpet from stains because they compromise the beauty and appearance of your floor.  Other than your roof, there’s not much protecting your carpet.  And trust me, a roofing company, is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Most people panic and quickly get any available piece of cloth to remove a stain on the carpet. While this can be needful there are effective ways through which you can get rid of carpet stains. Here is a step by step guide that you can use to remove red wine stains:

  • Blotting

This is the first and very important step to getting rid of a red wine stain. Reach out to a dry white cloth/towel and use it to gently blot the red wine stain without scrubbing or rubbing it. Scrubbing can result in saturation of the stain to the carpet. Be sure to soak up as much of the stain as possible. The longer the red wine is left to sit on the carpet, the difficult it becomes to remove the stain.

  • Apply some cold water

When it becomes difficult to keep blotting, get the stain wet with some cold water and continue blotting. The water helps in diluting the red wine stain. Blotting should continue until the affected area is dry again.

  • White Vinegar solution or Salt

If you do not have sufficient time to treat the stain salt can be helpful in absorbing the stain. You can then remove it using a vacuum when ready to treat the stained area. Baking soda can be used in the place of salt as well. You can prepare a vinegar solution and wet the stain using it.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

Finding quality carpet cleaning services within your area is one of the most valuable decisions that will increase the lifespan of the flooring and improve its general appearance. Although there are many resources that one can use to search for professional carpet cleaning services there are important factors which should be considered when making the choice. These factors include customer reviews, professional certification, the type of cleaning equipment used, policies, experience and many more.

Many home and business owners ask themselves if there is any need for them to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Here are reasons why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company for the job:

  • Save Valuable Time

Carpets add value and style to the interior of your home. One of the reasons why home and business owners hire professional cleaning services is saving time. This is quite obvious especially if you are busy with other things. Cleaning carpets requires enough time and should be done regularly. If your schedule is quite tight or you need time with your loved ones, be realistic and contact a professional carpet cleaner and the job will be done for you.

  • Certified cleaning

You might not have the right products and equipment for your carpet cleaning. However, most professional carpet cleaning providers have trained technicians and utilize certified equipment and products. Having certified products and equipment is a guarantee for quality carpet cleaning service. Hiring certified professional carpet cleaners allows you to maintain your carpet warranty considering the fact that the use of Seal of Approval (SOA) products are usually recommended by most manufacturers in their warranties.

  • The health Risks of Uncleaned Carpets

The health risks associated with a dirty carpet can result in severe effects on your health and that of your family. Dust and other allergens are usually trapped within the fibers of the carpet and are always released when you walk on it or while vacuuming. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can help in ensuring thorough cleaning and minimizing potential allergens.

  • Improved Air Quality

Vacuuming you carpet only removes the dirt on the surface and dust particles. The dirt help within the carpet fibers need to be removed by a professional ad this can be done at least once every year. Professional carpet cleaners utilize powerful equipment which remove contaminants thus improving the air quality in the home.

  • Investing in Extending the Lifespan of the Carpeting

Most people spend a lot of money and time to ensure the carpets they buy suits their house interior as well as their lifestyle. No one is ready to spend a lot of money and time choosing a carpet and then leave it to get ruined within a short period of time. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is actually investing in the life of the carpet. Apart from removing all the dirt, stains and dust in the fibers, professional carpet cleaners will restore the appearance and feel of your carpet.